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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Application Name Display Different Cases

The application’s name can appear in many different places in your app, and in those different places there can be different ways in which that should be displayed and what case should be used. For example, if you have the app name as the title in a panoramic page, it should be in lower case, whereas in a pivot page (or a normal page), you would usually show the app name all in capitals. So what’s the best way of doing this? Have three different types of application name (Upper, Lower, Normal)? Not ideal really.

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Address Bar and Bing Search Bar Scrolling

One of the new things I found recently whilst trying to do something on my phone was the easy way in which someone can see all of what might be in the IE9 address bar or the Bing search bar. If you have a long link in IE9 it can be very tiresome to try and get back to the beginning (or the end) of the link from within the address bar itself; the same applies to the Bing search bar.

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Showing the ProgressIndicator in a Panorama Page

Earlier on twitter, I asked “Anyone know if the SystemTray ProgressIndicator can be used on a panorama page in #wp7? Not showing for me unless systray shown #wpdev“. The problem was when you set the SystemTray to be visible you ended up not having the normal panorama experience as everything gets shunted down. If you turn the SystemTray off, then you don’t get the ProgressIndicator showing.

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