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PhoneListBox Control for Windows Phone

There are a few things I’ve been doing to work around a couple of scenarios when it comes to using the ListBox in Windows Phone. The first is when your ListBox has no items I want it to show something to the user stating there are no items, the other involved limiting the number of items that are enabled based on whether the app was in its Trial Mode.

The first scenario had seen me using a TextBlock and a ListBox and hiding one or the other depending on how many items were in the ListBox, it wasn’t really ideal. The other scenario, well, I didn’t have any workaround for that, but I already had what I’m about to show you done for the first scenario, so modified it for the second scenario. Read on to find out more.

The Solution

I have created a custom implementation of the ListBox that I have cunningly called PhoneListBox, which can be downloaded from my SkyDrive. Drop the dll into your project (or download from nuget, more on that later) and add it as a reference.


In your xaml, put the following namespace:


Then you can add the control as you would with a normal ListBox.

<scott:PhoneListBox ItemsSource="{Binding MyItemList}">


There are a few properties to the PhoneListBox which I’ll go through now.

This is the text that you want to appear should there be no items in your list.

The HorizontalAlignment of the text. The default is HorizontalAlignment.Center.

The VerticalAlignment of the text. The default is VerticalAlignment.Top.

The Style you want to apply to the text (like PhoneTextLargeStyle).

This is a boolean that sets whether to enable the TrialMode functionality. When enabled, it will disable all items in your list that are after whatever the TrialModeLimit is set as. The default for this is false.

This is the number of items you want to be enabled during Trial Mode. The default for this is 2.

How to get it

You can get it one of two ways, either download it from my SkyDrive (which includes the source code), or you can download it through nuget.


If you have any feedback, please email me at scottisafool [at] or on twitter.


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