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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Binding To Anonymous Types

I was working on an app recently where an xml datasource was pulled in and I decided to use linq to parse the data to an anonymous types. The plan was to then bind that data to the listbox in my UI. The data got parsed correctly and I could see my anonymous type, but my UI was simply not being updated. So what was wrong?

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Pro Tip: Sharing Marketplace links

There are two places you can search for apps for your phone, one is in the Marketplace on your phone, the other on The latter lets you easily share app information and lets you see the screenshots of the app in question. However, if you share a link from the web based Marketplace (for example, and you open that link when you’re on your phone, you still only get the web based marketplace and you can’t install directly onto your phone (I know you can go through the web marketplace to install an app as it gets pushed from the cloud, but that’s not what I mean). So, how do you overcome this? Easy.

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