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Small Primary Live Tiles Not Updating in Windows Phone 8

In an update to one of my Windows Phone apps, I decided to leverage the new size tiles that we have been afforded in WP8. However, I ran into a problem whereby the tile data I wanted to be displayed wasn’t showing on the primary tile, but was on the secondary; the primary tile showing just a small version of the app icon:


Secondary tile on the left, primary on the right. I knew the data to be displayed was being created, because if I changed the size of the tile, it was showing the correct image. So how to sort it?

The Solution

When I was creating the FlipTileData object in my BackgroundAgent, I wasn’t setting the SmallBackgroundImage property, and so as a result, the primary tile just stuck with the small version of the app icon. Explicitly setting this property then gave me the results I had originally been expecting.

So if you do still want some data to show in your app’s primary tile when small, make sure you explicitly set the SmallBackgroundImage property. This might seem obvious, but I got hit with a red herring as the secondary tile didn’t need this property setting in order for the data to be shown.


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