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ScoreoidPortable Gets Secret Squirrel API Calls

One of the cool things about working on something that in turn works with a new platform is that both parties are looking to help each other out. And such is the case here. After releasing ScoreoidPortable, I was contacted by the creators of Scoreoid thanking me for my library and also giving me access to some new methods that are new and, as yet, undocumented on their wiki. The documentation for them is coming soon, but they were keen for them to be added to ScoreoidPortable.

The New Methods


This method will let you get all the scores that are around a given username. If you’ve ever played Wordament, they do this when they display the scoreboard, so this allows you to do the same for your game.


This is the same as the player one only you provide a score instead of a username.


This method lets you do exactly what the method name suggests, increment a score. Provide a username and a score (and a platform if you choose), and it will increment that score onto the highest score available for that user. If no score for that user (and platform) exists, it will create it.

All three of these methods are already in the nuget package.



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