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Adding photos to the Windows 10 Phone Emulators

When you’re writing an app that requires the user to choose a picture, you give them the photo picker, which allows them to choose a photo from their device. Great. But what about you, as the developer? What about when you’re using the emulator? The old Windows Phone 7 emulators came with some built in images that you could pick (we’ve all seen them in the store screenshots, admit it!!), then with the Windows Phone 8 emulators, you had to perform a little dance to get them. But what about the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 emulators? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could more easily use real word pictures, rather than stock photos?

The Solution

The solution is simple, and amazing, and surprisingly little known [to me at least]. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder somewhere on your PC, let’s call this folder “sd” (for argument, d:\sd).
  2. In that folder, create a “pictures” folder
  3. Copy any pictures you want to have on the emulator into that folder
  4. Click the tools button on the emulator sidebar:
  5. Click the SD Card tab
  6. And browse to your original folder from point 1 (not the pictures folder, the sd folder):
  7. Then click the Insert SD card button.
  8. In the emulator, you’ll see the following:
    At this point, you can click either yes or no, it doesn’t matter.
  9. To confirm it’s worked, go to the pictures hub/app on the emulator and you’ll see the pictures you chose.

Hopefully this helps, and will certainly make creating better looking screenshots (if nothing else) for the store!


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