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My UWP Nuget Package is Missing a File?

When creating a nuget package that’s intended for a UWP, you’d be excused for creating your package in the same way you always have done, you include the new uap10.0 TFM (Target Framework Moniker) and drop your dll file(s) in there. This is 95% of it, but there’s a sneaky extra 5% that you still need to do, otherwise, whilst your package will still be valid, and will still get pulled into a UWP project, that project won’t be able to build.

The Solution

If you look in solution explorer within Visual Studio at your project, and expand the Properties section, you’ll see something like this:

Note that rd.xml file. That’s the file you’re missing. This file is required if you’re doing anything special with .NET Native builds, but more info on that can actually be read in the xml itself.

Now, in your nuget package, you need to have the following structure:

That xml file needs to live in uap10.0\< PROJECTNAME >\Properties\< PROJECTNAME >.rd.xml

Pop that in and then your package is good to go.


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