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Monthly Archives: August 2015

How to Display Ads/Review Prompts/Whatever Inline in Lists

A while back, I read a really interesting article on the best way to approach prompting your user to leave a review for your app, it’s a really good read, so I do encourage you to take a moment and give it the once over. The TL;DR version of it, though, is basically: don’t push a prompt up to yours users to leave a review, don’t do anything that shoves this kind of thing in the user’s face, be it ads, reviews or whatever. The suggested solution is to display your review prompts inline with the rest of your display data (this assumes you have that).

So how do we go about doing that on Windows Phone/Windows? Actually, it’s rather simple (sorry Silverlight, this is not for you).

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Creating a Weather App Style Adaptive Tile

In Windows 10, we’ve seen apps that look to have different tile faces and they cycle between those tiles. It’s a really nice effect and can be a very powerful thing for your app to use, it allows you to present more data to the user without having to have your tile all cramped. A good example of this would be a weather app where you might want to allow the user to show the weather for different places. So, how do you go about creating a tile like this?

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Universal Windows Apps, AppBars and Custom Colours

In your Universal app, you may want to have AppBars that have different colours from the default theme colours, which is understandable if you want to add your own branding to it. But when you set the Foreground/Background colours, you may end up with behaviour you weren’t fully expecting.

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