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Running the Dispatcher From the Settings Charm

In my previous post, I talked about how to receive messages from a UDP broadcast, and for the Windows 8 app I’m writing, I wanted the results of this to be shown in the settings charm. But here I ran into a problem, the Dispatcher kept failing with an NullReferenceException on Window.Current and so the results of my broadcast never got shown in the settings page. I asked on twitter, but got no response, so I’ve had to resort to what feels like a bit of a dirty workaround, but there you go.

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Modern (“Metro”) Style Icons for Windows Phone and Windows 8

When building a Windows Phone or Windows Store app, one of the key things you might need are icons for your application bars (or other buttons); there are some good places to get different sets of icons from, including Syncfusion’s Metro Studio, but there is one place I like to get my icons from for both types of projects.

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