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Modern (“Metro”) Style Icons for Windows Phone and Windows 8

When building a Windows Phone or Windows Store app, one of the key things you might need are icons for your application bars (or other buttons); there are some good places to get different sets of icons from, including Syncfusion’s Metro Studio, but there is one place I like to get my icons from for both types of projects.

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Small Primary Live Tiles Not Updating in Windows Phone 8

In an update to one of my Windows Phone apps, I decided to leverage the new size tiles that we have been afforded in WP8. However, I ran into a problem whereby the tile data I wanted to be displayed wasn’t showing on the primary tile, but was on the secondary; the primary tile showing just a small version of the app icon:


Secondary tile on the left, primary on the right. I knew the data to be displayed was being created, because if I changed the size of the tile, it was showing the correct image. So how to sort it?

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Test Your App With No Network

With Windows Phone 7, there was no way to be able to debug your app for when there might be no network connection. All you could do was Build > Deploy > Pray. With the release of the Windows Phone 8 SDK, that’s now changed.

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